North West Pack Walks

North West Pack Walks provide a great opportunity for you and your dog to achieve balance and harmony through the walk. Rhythmic walking is a great way to provide exercise, mental stimulation and social contact for our dogs - far better for wearing down excess energy than chasing balls and Frisbees, which adds to stress levels rather than depleting them!

dog walking

Each pack walk lasts around one hour and is led by Marion Yates, local dog behaviourist, who will be able to provide those with anxious or reactive dogs with support as we go along. We start our walk with comfortable spaces between dogs and, once they start to relax, we can close up and walk together - whatever is comfortable for you and your dog. During the walk, we may pause briefly to integrate some exercises to help some of the more anxious dogs to gain confidence; it is up to you whether you participate in these activities. All dogs remain on lead throughout the walk.

Pack walks are open to all, and if your dog does have behavioural issues, please contact Marion in advance to ensure that we can create the best conditions for you and your dog to have a relaxing walk.

Where we can, we shall start and finish our walk at a location where we can have a quick cuppa afterwards, and Marion will be available to chat over any behavioural issues, as required.

Participation is free of charge, but donations to 'Animal Rescue Cumbria - The Wainwright Shelter' will help support the vital welfare work of the charity.

All walks are advertised via Facebook and here on Marion's website.

Consultation Fee

Important Information

  • For dogs aged 8 months+
  • Short leads only - no extender leads, please.
  • Please bring water, dog towels, poo bags, high-value treats, and muzzle if required.
  • Photographs may be taken during the walk for use on the website/Facebook; if you prefer not to appear in any published images, please let Marion know during the walk.
  • Published walks take place regardless of weather conditions. Please bring suitable clothing and footwear.


Any person participating in a North West Pack Walk does so entirely at their own risk. Any person bringing a dog to a North West Pack Walk is entirely responsible for the actions of themselves and/or their dog(s) at all times. Marion Yates - Dog Behaviour Consultant shall not be held responsible for any incident, accident or injury to either human or dog or for any losses or damages, however they may be caused.

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