Privacy Policies

In accordance with data protection legislation, Marion Yates - Dog Behaviour Consultant, will be responsible for safeguarding any personal data provided in the course of operating the business.

I collect information in order to maintain communication with you, and to understand fully the behavioural issues related to your dog and any lifestyle issues that may be contributing to them. This is in the interests of providing you with the best advice and support. In addition, my professional indemnity insurance requires me to hold this information and the advice that I offer for a period of 7 years. 

The information you supply will be held electronically (within my mobile phone contacts, and on personal computer e.g. dog history form). Any relevant handwritten notes made during consultations, and copies of invoices, will be held in paper form in a secure filing cabinet. The information will be accessed only by me and will be permanently destroyed/deleted at the end of the 7-year period. Consultation reports may, but only with your specific consent, be shared with your veterinary surgeon in the interests of coordinating the best treatment for your dog.

You have the right to ask to see any information I hold, and to request that any incorrect information is amended. If you have any concerns about the way your information is being handled, please contact me.

Because of the professional indemnity requirement to hold clients' personal data for a period of 7 years, I am unable to provide behavioural services if you are unable to provide the required information.