Behaviour Consultations

To modify unwanted behaviours in your dog

After an initial telephone conversation about your dog and what you want to achieve, I shall most likely ask you to obtain a referral from your veterinary surgeon. The reason for this is that some unwanted behaviours are caused by underlying medical problems and it's important to rule these out before we start - it may be that a visit to the vet is all that is needed. In other cases, it may be necessary for me to work together with your vet to tackle the problem with a combination of medication and behavioural adjustment training.

Boy with a dog at garden

The Consultation

Once we have agreed to proceed, I will visit you and your dog in your own home. This is so I can see the dog in its own environment, and meet as many of the family as possible - if we are going to make progress, this is very much going to be a joint effort with everyone in the household being consistent with the dog.  A consultation usually lasts for 1.5 to 3 hours, but longer if required. We will normally incorporate a walk so I can observe your dog's response to the outdoor environment, where many problem behaviours occur. 

I will then share with you my assessment, and work with you on practical exercises to help make the changes you are seeking.  Together we will develop a plan that you feel comfortable with. I will be honest with you about the amount of work and the time needed to get where you want to be.


Following the consultation I will send you and your veterinary practice a full report, summarising my assessment and detailing the staged exercises I am recommending. I will also provide you with pre-prepared information sheets if appropriate. I shall contact you around 10 days later to discuss progress and arrange a follow-up visit, if required, but you are welcome to contact me at any time if you need my help. Remember - you are not alone! You are welcome to call me at any time.

Consultation Fee

Consultation Fee - £125

  • Behaviour Consultation with written recommendations tailored to your dog, together with standard advice sheets - £125
  • Behaviour Consultation with full behavioural report, including a detailed analysis of your dog's problems, and recommendations and relevant advice sheets - £125
  • Follow-up visits £45
  • Payment is due on the day of the consultation. Cash, card, BACS or cheque payments accepted.


There will be no extra charge for travel expenses to customers within 10 miles of Lancaster. Travel in excess of this is charged at 40p per mile.

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