“Extremely Pleased”

"We are extremely pleased with the help and advice that Marion gave to us. We have seen a great improvement within hours, let alone days. Marion said it would take work, but it is worth it. Marion was easy to talk to about our dog and the problems we were having with him. I would recommend Marion Yates to anyone."

Jennifer, Bolton


“An Absolute Life-Saver”

"I've got to say the experience was an absolute pleasure from start to finish. It was really great to know what is going through your dog's head when certain behaviours are triggered. Since her departure, my dog Frankie's behaviour has improved dramatically, from walking on a lead to biting, to toilet troubles. It's only been just over a week, but the difference is night and day! Could not recommend her more, what an absolute life-saver she has been!"

Francesco from Burnley


“Can’t Thank You Enough”

"Thank you so much for your advice and help with Shona. She's just about stopped lunging and barking at other dogs when out on the lead and is genuinely a much more confident girl now, and much more attentive to us. As you know, walks were not a pleasant experience, but we're much more relaxed now and really beginning to enjoy taking her out on long walks now - the reason we adopted her in the first place! Can't thank you enough! "

Lauren and James, Lancaster


“It’s Great for Us to Have Something Practical to Work on”

"Thank you for your time and the useful 'Terrible Teens' information sheet. I suppose it should have been obvious that dogs go through a teenage phase too...I was so upset that the lovely puppy we were doing so well with had become unrecognisable over a short period, but it all makes sense now and it's great for us to have something practical to work on. Many, many thanks. "

Julie, Kendal


“It All Made Perfect Sense”

"Many thanks for all your help with Sophie! When you explained what was going on and how we could work to change her aggression to other dogs it all made perfect sense! It was hard to believe she could ever change, but we saw how well she responded to your methods. We've stuck to your advice and suggestions, and now it's paying off big time! Sophie is now much more relaxed and loves her walks; more to the point - so do we! "

Louise, Liverpool


“I Have Learned So Much”

"I asked Marion for some help about 6 months ago as I felt very stuck with what Amber and I were and weren't doing. 6 months later, I have learned so much about Amber and understand her much better and so can help her more and enjoy her more. We needed a behaviourist rather than a trainer. Marion is always so calm, so encouraging, gently nudging you along to try something different. I am much more confident with her when out, having strategies to deal with her when she is a pain! I would highly recommend her "

Caroline, Lancaster


“Highly Recommended”

"I know Marion on a professional basis. In my capacity as a dog groomer, I am sometimes asked where clients can get help and advice for their dogs to learn good behaviour. Marion is a professional, calm, and very capable lady, who assesses individual issues and teaches both dog and owner techniques to ultimately lead happier lives together. Now running puppy classes too. Wow, what a great way to start dogs on the right path! Highly recommended. "

Jeanette, Lancaster


“She Really Puts the Dogs First”

"Marion was so great today with a dog in my care. He has lots of anxiety issues and has trouble socialising and walking with other dogs. Marion was great with him, teaching some techniques which will help relieve his tension. I couldn't have asked for more and would definitely recommend Marion for your dog behaviour needs. She really puts the dogs first and genuinely wants to enrich dogs' lives. Thank you."

Elissa, Lancaster


“Great Enthusiasm, Knowledge, and Acceptance”

"Marion was so helpful with our cocker spaniel puppy, Lyvvie. The transformation from week 1 to week 4 of the Puppy Socialisation class was astounding. Having a puppy is hard work but Marion made it seem manageable with her combination of great enthusiasm, knowledge, and acceptance. I will be keeping in touch as we face the challenges ahead!"

Louise, Lancaster


“Knowledgeable and Friendly”

" Marion is a knowledgeable and friendly dog behaviourist who has been working with Vets4Pets Lancaster to deliver successful and popular puppy parties. I do recommend her to our clients and have had nothing but positive feedback."

Phyllis Pratt, Vets4Pets – Lancaster


“Truly Professional and Hardworking”

"Marion is a truly professional and hardworking lady. No one can beat her in her profession."

Mohsin, Reading

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