Right Start Sessions for New Puppies

Many behavioural problems stem from the early months of life when socialisation is critical for the development of a well-balanced adult dog. Understanding the needs of your puppy and getting things right from the very start will help produce a well-rounded and balanced adult dog. 

The adolescent stage from 6 months, when hormones are racing and independence is growing, can challenge the patience of a saint!  It's no coincidence that at least one in five puppies ends up rehomed or in a rescue centre before the age of two – more since Covid. The adolescent stage can be disheartening and make owners wonder where their lovely, attentive puppy went!  However, adolescence will pass more easily if you know what to expect and how to prevent your youngster 'going off the rails'.  With my support and your dedication and consistency, we can ensure that a well-mannered mature dog comes out the other side.

Right Start

My Right Start sessions will help you with early socialisation and the adolescent period, and includes:

  • An initial consultation (usually 1.5 - 2 hours) for you and your new puppy in your own home to get your new pup off to the best possible start.
  • A second, follow-up consultation by telephone.
  •  On-going support up to adulthood.

I'll make sure you have information packs with lots of practical advice, and you won't be alone: I'm just a telephone call away.

Right Start Programme Fee – £95

Right Start Programme Fee - £95

2 Consultations - the First in Your Own Home and Second by Telephone

Information Packs with Practical Advice

Unlimited telephone support for the First 2 Years

Travel costs may apply outside Lancaster area

Payment is due on the day of the consultation. Cash, card, BACS or cheque payments accepted.

Teaching You and Your Puppy

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